Why Join?

Confidential Voice provides a live early warning system

Companies have a right to police themselves, that's why they have rules and regulations. They establish these rules to maintain a work environment suitable for many different individuals and their different personalities. Sometimes, for various reasons, employees are uncomfortable or afraid to talk openly with their H. R. manager. The security department and/or the camera systems used only see what's in front of them. Employees know where the cameras are, and where they are not. If you have 250 employees, wouldn't it be nice to potentially have 250 pairs of eyes watching over your company? WE BELIEVE IN BEING PROACTIVE – STOP A BAD SITUATION BEFORE IT HAPPENS If an employee is about to steal something or offer drugs to a coworker; that person would think twice about committing a violation if that person believed any one of his/her coworkers could safely and anonymously tell the company about the possible violation? CONFIDENTIAL VOICE makes it possible to become aware of problems such as these, or others, before they get out of hand.
  • A manager instructs employees to perform personal tasks for him while on company time.
  • A supervisor inappropriately touches subordinates or makes inappropriate sexual comments.
  • Illegal drug activity in the workplace.
  • Kickbacks, bribes, or violations which can hurt your company's reputation
  • Managers or supervisors, sometimes, take advantage of situations because they become complacent.
  • Employees commit violations because "everyone else is doing it."
If all it would take is one person to speak up, the violators probably wouldn't do it.
  • Confidential Voice gives all employees an open line (via the internet or by phone) to voice their concerns without fear of retaliation.(This does not exonerate any violations the caller may have committed at any point of their employment.)
  • Confidential Voice is the best tool employers can use to minimize violations of company policy or false injury/harassment/discrimination claims.
  • Confidential Voice is not limited to employees reporting violations which occur in your facility. Employees can also report about violations regarding Federal, State, and Local laws; a breach in your regulations, and ethics standards. If an employee is involved, these violations could impact your company
  • Confidential Voice is the deterrent you've been looking for; potentially better than any camera system or security guards, who just sit in one location, and definitely more affordable.
By joining Confidential Voice, you demonstrate to your employees that you care and you want to promote and maintain a healthy and safe work environment. You provide a safe avenue for them to come forward with information. It would prevent anyone from saying,
  • "I had no option."
  • "I had nowhere to turn."
  • "I took the abuse because I didn't know any better."
  • "The HR department has a closed door, they seemed unapproachable."
  • "I was afraid to say something for fear of retaliation."
  • "I didn't want a reputation as a snitch and I felt I could not talk to HR anonymously."
  • "I couldn't say anything because the violator was my boss (or H.R.)"
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