Welcome to Confidential Voice

Confidential Voice is an anonymous hotline for employees to report any violation; theft, drugs, harassment, . . .  Any violation.

  • Confidential Voice was created to discourage employees, managers, or supervisors from committing costly violation which result in expensive solutions.
  • Confidential Voice is the best "thinking outside the box" response for every type of company problem because it gives a unique solution – it makes the violators think... "Any co-worker can anonymously tell the company about my actions."
  • Confidential Voice will minimize the chances of harassment claims because we are another resource to the employees for reporting problems in the early stages of the possible violation.
  • Confidential Voice is safe for the user. The log in system ensures no one from outside the company can log in and make up false claims.
As the employer, you have a legal right to conduct a reasonable investigation. Confidential Voice can be used as a starting point to investigate a problem in its early stages and/or can be used by loyal employees to safely report false claims against the company.

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